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Vinyl wraps can give you the quality of artwork and theme capabilities that have never been feasible with hand painting or airbrushing, at an affordable price. Wraps also has the unique benefit of allowing you to see the designed artwork ON your ride before we ever do it, so you know exactly how the finished project will look.

Want to give a new ride a flashy look with rich graphics that cannot be achived using conventional painting?  We work with many manufacturers on designs for new rides within the amusement industry.  Some of our most notable projects include the Flying Dutchman and Rockstar designs for Ohio based ride manufacturer, A.R.M.  

Have an existing piece of equipment that could use a refreshed look?  Wrap it!  From Tilt-A-Whirls to Fun Houses, we can do them all!  We have been at the forefront of re-theming attractions to give them a totally unique and different identity on the midway.  

Please view our portfolion for some examples of past projects.  If you have an idea in mind and don't see it in our portfolio, let us know and our creative design team can turn your vision into a reality!

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