New for 2020
A Funhouse with A Big Midway Presence

**We are taking orders. We have a limited number of discounted launch pricing spots available and a limited number of 2020 spots for delivery. Text 'funhouse' to 740-237-3132 to reserve a spot.**

It's been over 2 decades since an affordable funhouse was available to the small and large show alike. If you're a small show, you'd have to buy a used piece and completely rebuild it because of the poor shape it was in. If you're a large show, you've never had an option like this.

We're Changing the Funhouse Game...

*Working Patent-Pending Prototype - Multiple Premium Themes Available


Built in Ohio, affordable, innovative, and interactive. It's the funhouse that works on your show.

Big shows need attractions that can take up some big back end space AND make a big impression. Our double-decker model is still a 28' pup trailer and a double-decker model that has a 68' front.

That would generally be enough...but our adaptable combo unit gives you 136' of frontage for those large spots and play separately when splitting into two units.

What if you're a small show? Our innovative build style is perfect for you too by giving you the ability to have a funhouse that fits where you play. Our funhouse can be adapted to a single-level model, with or without barrel, with slideouts or pup trailer only, fitting on the tightest midways.

*Working Patent-Pending Prototype - Multiple Premium Themes Available


- 28' Pup Trailer
- Double Decker Model with 68' Front.
- Glasshouse Model Available
- Optional Barrel
- Patent Pending Modular Design, Interactive Tricks & Moving Floor, Punching Bags, Wave Floor, and other Standard Funhouse Tricks.

Download the full size floor plan at

We have themes available for the midway and kiddieland alike. We've built a reputation for some of the best themes in the business. When you give us a storytelling canvas this big and 3 dimensions to work in, we can build the ultimate interactive attraction.

There are a variety of options available that will determine the final price. Right now, you can take advantage of Section 179 and 2019 Show Special Pricing. We have 3 slots open at $189,000 (2019 MSRP $220,000). 

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