Q: Why use Amusement Wraps for my wrap(s)?

A: AMUSEMENT WRAPS is headed by a 30 year veteran show painter and we also offer that service as well as wraps. We have the resources to complete the job in the event that due to their shape, some objects may be need to be blended with the wrap by painting.


A. The wrap is high quality vinyl printed with a solvent based ink which has a clear laminate applied for UV protection, this laminate protects the graphic from fading and cracking due to the weather. The vinyl material has an adhesive that allows air bubbles to escape during application.

Q. What about the AMUSEMENT WRAP design process?

A. Our designers will work from a picture of your funhouse, food trailer, backflash, etc. and with your input create a concept themed for the amusement business, not the local hardware's plumbing department. Providing design proofs and mockups for your approval, you will see exactly what the piece will look like when finished. No surprises, period.

Q: How is the AMUSEMENT WRAP applied?

A. Vinyl is applied in strips, usually 50” wide or less by length as needed. Temperatures are important, vinyl should be applied at the 60 – 90 degree range. We have installed as low as 50 degrees with limited con formability and as high as 110 degrees again with limits. All our installers are Fellers Certified (vinyl installed without certification voids the manufacturers warranty) and receive ongoing training as new techniques are developed.

Q: Where is the AMUSEMENT WRAP installed?

A: Most wraps are installed on location, some customers have found it economical to truck ride tubs, gokarts, etc to our location in Southern Ohio. Wraps should be installed in a clean area or tarps should be place on floor under equipment. Large rides can be installed outside weather permitting.

Q: Can an AMUSEMENT WRAP be removed?

A:YES, most vinyls we use have a 4 year clean removal.

Q: How long will an AMUSEMENT WRAP last?

A: The vinyl we use has a minimum 5 year product warranty. With proper installation you can expect a life similar to painted graphics. As with painted graphics, the lifetime of the job is dependent on how well it is taken care of.

Q: How do I care for an AMUSEMENT WRAP?

A. Similar to painted surfaces, hand washing is preferred but power washing can be used when done correctly, you will receive instructions for care including suggested cleaning chemicals.

Q: How long does it take apply an AMUSEMENT WRAP?

A:Depends on the square footage and complexity of what is being wrapped, the finishing (trimming) can take as long as the actual application. For example, and A.R.M. Alibabba (no rivet) backflash and vehicle can be wrapped by 2 installers in a 1 day, a typical funhouse front would be closer to 3 days.

Q: How much prep work is needed for an AMUSEMENT WRAP?

A:Same as if you were preparing for painting.

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